Power Coaching for the 21st Century:
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Private Chatroom Coaching:

Interactive sessions are arranged for on-line, real-time, typed dialogue with your coach. This method suits clients who enjoy on-line chats, and desire a printed record of the coaching sessions. One hour long sessions are arranged to suit your schedule. Alot is packed into these one hour exchanges. Clients are instructed to come to the session prepared to work - on the goals and challenges they have personally prioritized. The coaching materials help you to unlock all sorts of barriers, inhibitions, burdens and hang-ups. Once these are processed and worked through, you are better able to recognize and develop your strengths, abilities, dreams, aspirations and intentions. The pace is fast, but then, so are the rewards!

Fee Structure:

  • Monthly: $50 US
  • Biweekly: $90 US
  • Weekly: $160 US
  • Twice Weekly: $280 US

Fees are payable in advance each month. Contracts may be canceled with two weeks written notice. Guaranteed.

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