Power Coaching for the 21st Century:

Choosing your Coaching Delivery Style

Most coaches charge $100 to $200 US per hour. We at DynoWomyn aim to offer comparable, quality coaching economically.

E-Mail Coaching:

Dialogue is shared using your e-mail program, through message exchanges between you and your coach. This method works well for clients who have hectic schedules, enjoy expressing themselves using e-mail programs, and who want to reflect on what they share with their coach. Session summaries and homework will be mailed weekly for you to work on.

Monthly Fees: $150 US for unlimited e-mail exchange.

Private Chatroom Coaching:

Interactive sessions are arranged for on-line, real-time, typed dialogue with your coach. This method suits clients who enjoy on-line chats, and desire a printed record of the coaching sessions. One hour long sessions are arranged to suit your schedule.

Fee Structure:

  • Monthly: $50 US
  • Biweekly: $90 US
  • Weekly: $160 US
  • Twice Weekly: $280 US

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