Power Coaching for the 21st Century:

Coaching targets your:

  • Physical Development: diet, fitness, removing physical blocks, sleep and dream work, sexuality, health, energy and stamina, and your relationship with your environment and the Earth.

  • Career Development: 21st Century skills, career and education plans, life-long learning, intrapreneur and entrepreneur skills and strategies, networking, mentoring, research skills.

  • Mental Development: critical thinking, intuition and reflective thinking, whole brain development, learning styles, creative thinking, synthesis and evaluative skills.

  • Emotional Development: empowered relationships, self-esteem and self-worth, inner child, clearing blocks and repressions, parenting, anima-animus development.

  • Spiritual Development: connecting to your Higher Self, mapping your Personal Path, understanding your Life Work, developing extrasensory perception, tapping your Dream Self.

  • Personal Power and Self- Actualization: directing your Will and Intent to Manifest what you truly want in your life, Being all that you can be, learning to empower yourself and others.

  • Communication Skills: developing authentic dialogue skills, mutual empathy, dynamic voice development, active listening, clear and concise messages.

  • 21st Century Skills: computer and internet skills, self-promotion, action-planning, negotiation, adapting well to change, innovation, and creating your niche.

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June Kaminski, RN MSN | DynoWomyn Power Coaching | 1999 - 2004