Power Coaching for the 21st Century:
E-mail Mode

E-Mail Coaching:

Dialogue is shared using your e-mail program, through message exchanges between you and your coach. This method works well for clients who have hectic schedules, enjoy expressing themselves using e-mail programs, and who want to reflect on what they share with their coach. Session summaries and homework will be mailed weekly for you to work on. DynoWomyn Coaching prides itself on the positive empowering manner in which clients are supported using email as a vehicle for communication. You will soon feel you are communicating with a trusted friend. A friend who has the know-how to help you break through your barriers and open up your potential in all aspects of your life!

Monthly Fees: $150 US for unlimited e-mail exchange.

Fees are payable in advance on the 1st of each month. Contracts may be canceled with two weeks written notice. All Services are 100% Guaranteed.

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