Power Coaching for the 21st Century:
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Coach U
Coach University is the definitive source for Coach training and information.

Welcome to the largest community of coaches in the world! And the leader in the field of coach-based personal development.

Heart Warmers
Inspirational writing to warm your heart and boost your self worth .

International Coach Federation
An international crediting body devoted to the professionalization of Coaching .

A professional development initiative to guide nurses in becoming proficient in Nursing Informatics and Technology.

Professional Coaches and Mentors Association
Workshops and courses to help professionals develop their mentoring and coaching skills.

A comprehensive directory offering information on available teleclasses.

Thomas Leonard
The guru of Personal Coaching! Thomas' personal site with links to many of his projects.

Today's Coach
Nuggets of wisdom and advice for Personal Coaches.

Top Tens
Thomas Leonard and Coach U offer daily boosts of energy through their inspirational teachings.

Visions of Adonai Design
Unique aesthetic yet professional web site design for the discerning. Make your statement for 2005!

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