Power Coaching for the 21st Century:

A personal coach will help you to grow, personally and professionally. Over time, a supportive, trust-based relationship is established, which will help you to make space in your life for enhanced satisfaction, empowered self-worth and self-knowledge, and extraordinary results. DynoWomyn Coaching offers you supportive, inspiring, insightful dialogue to facilitate your growth, and to develop into a successful 21st Century woman (men welcome too!) Coaching provides a safe place to explore and develop. You link with an informed, supportive ally - a coach able to counsel, brainstorm, and help you to reach your full potential in a holistic way. Your coach will help you to work on all of the important areas in your life:

  • your habits
  • your physical health
  • your parenting skills
  • your financial life
  • your sense of attractiveness
  • your professional life and career
  • your interpersonal relationships
  • your values, beliefs, and intentions
  • manifesting what you want in your life
  • your sense of self-worth and personal power
  • discovering and removing what blocks you in your life
  • recognizing and shifting the patterns you've created

  • your social life
  • your energy level
  • your personal vision
  • your Internet skills
  • 21st Century skills
  • using your whole brain
  • your sense of creativity
  • your communication skills
  • your spiritual development
  • developing your intuition
  • your psychic development
  • your feelings and emotional expression

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June Kaminski, RN MSN | DynoWomyn Power Coaching | 1999 - 2004