Creative Thinking

Giza Power Gazing. - June Kaminski, May 1999.
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“The most creative people seem to be those with the easiest access to their unconscious.”

- Gloria Steinem, “Revolution from Within.”

“As we learn to love, to give our talents and ourselves without the attachments
of our judgements and negative thoughts, we find ourselves with unbounded
inspiration and energy, fully empowered to create and act in the world.”

- Gerald Janpolsky, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life.”

An important first step in accessing the creative part of our mental body is to feel gratitude and comfort with the “here and now.” A feeling of thankfulness helps you to access your abstract mind, the part that deals with creativity, intuition, and feelings, producing inspirations and revelations or as S. Roman (“Living with Joy”) says, “the genius level that exists in all of us.”

If you can rid your mind of fear, thoughts of lack or longing, and learn to actively use your Will, you’ll be amazed at what you can create. Will is the ability to direct your energy where you want to in an effective way - where you see results! When you give thanks, you strengthen your Will. The more you can develop self-appreciation, and can acknowledge and bless everything in your life, the better your Will can link with your Heart. This makes room for you to happily create what your Heart deeply desires.

In a mode of thanksgiving, get clear on your purpose, your intent, your motivation, your agreements, and your communications with others, then, your creative actions will flow. Also, get clear on your goals - crystal-clear! In being precise, you are formulating essence. Fill your thoughts and heart with what you wish to create, and you will have it! If you let yourself be, reveling in the moment, you will witness the creativity, exuberance, and innate freedom within your Being.

“The visions of the psyche should make the world saner, wiser, more creative,
kinder, more expansive. The psyche is innocent. Our impulses are good. Left
alone, they’ll lead us naturally toward self-fulfillment, and allow us to
contribute in the best way to the race at large.”

- Jane Roberts, “Psychic Politics.”

We tend to feel restless and unsettled when we feel we are not fulfilling our potential. This is natural, and is meant to serve as a catalysis for the initiation of creative thought and action. Quite often, what stands in our way of truly creating, isn’t circumstances, or other people, but ourselves - we interfere with our natural creative ability with our own unique brand of self-interference.

B. Green (“The Inner Game of Music”), describes a Performance or Creation Equation:

P (Performance) = p (potential) - i (inteference)

The key to unleashing your creativity, is to stop interfering and to enhance your potential. When the interference is gone, your performance matches your potential.

“Scientists are finally learning that mind can influence matter.
They still have to discover the fact that mind creates and forms matter.”

- Jane Roberts, “Seth Speaks.”

Two important practices to incorporate regularly, to enhance your creative thought processes are:

Alpha States

The alpha state can be used to tapped your creativity, as well as study and concentrate more fully, or rest and meditate. It is like a threshold between your busy, conscious awareness, and your deep timeless knowing within. Breathing deeply, exhaling for longer than usual will quickly slow your body and mind down, and help you slip into Alpha. Highly creative people generate large amounts of alpha and theta brain waves.

Tune into Your Dream Self

“The vitality, force, life, and creativity behind your physical existence
is generated in this other (dream) dimension.”

- Jane Roberts, “Seth Speaks.”

If you can learn to use dreams as vehicles, you can explore the very real dream environment that you live in each time you go to sleep. Many inventions, concepts, and advancements started in the dream state. The dreamer was able to carry the knowledge through to the waking state, and work with it to create it in physical reality. Our imagination is our waking connection to our dream selves. The dream world is comprised of electrical mass, density, and intensity, like our waking world; but our thoughts and feelings are manifested instantly in a dream. If you need help tuning into your dreams, try sleeping with your head to the North which helps your energy to be more transferable from the dream state to the waking one. Realize that a part of you is alert, conscious, and aware, as your body sleeps - you travel, study, build, make friends, and so on, just as you do in the waking world. Your Dream Self affects your world just as much as your Waking Self does. Often, problems in your waking life, or with your health, are solved in the dream state.

Throughout history, dreams have served as a wellspring of inspiration in nearly every field of study - in literature, science, painting, music, architecture, sports, and so on.

“Humans need to be a little crazy, spontaneous, unusual, free-flowing, and creative.”

- Stuart Wilde, “Whispering Winds of Change.”

Your beliefs can inhibit or support your creativity. One useful thought to keep in mind is:
“I create my reality, and the present is my point of power.”

The Creative Process

Creativity is as natural as a baby’s laugh. When we were children, we freely exercised our creative impulses. Somewhere between childhood and adult life, most of us imposed boundaries and restrictions on our own behavior, and few freely allow themselves the joy of abandoned creativity. This can be relearned, however. We need to relearn how to easily and effortlessly make new, unique and useful associations between elements and ideas, we did as youngsters.

The Stages of the Creative Process include:

  1. Saturation

    - where we gather information, and prepare to create an artwork, or solve a problem, or design a machine, and so on.

  2. Incubation

    - where we relax and let the alpha state take over. You consciously do nothing, and let the unconscious take over for a bit.

  3. Illumination

    - Eureka occurs! The solution is known, or the design pattern crystallizes, you get to work!

Another method of tapping one’s creativity is to practice the Zen art of Mindfulness. Flowing with the moment, experiencing everything around you, as if for the first time, helps to rid you of inner barriers, and allows your natural creativity to express itself. Michael Talbot (“The Holographic Universe”) describes our world as, “Reality at large is really a frequency domain and our brain is a kind of lens that converts these frequencies into the objective world of appearances. If you can imagine yourself effortlessly moving in and out among prismatic rays of light and hearing each person’s musical notes join and harmonize with your own when you touch or pass them, you would have some idea of the unseen world.”

Creativity is playful, innocent, and sensual. It is difficult to think and act creatively if one is bound with worry, is hurried, or feels self-conscious. You need to learn to approach your creative ventures with abandonment, letting your inner nature flow through onto your medium of expression. You also need to tap the right side of your brain. The right brain way of knowing is usually through symbols, images, and metaphors. The right brain is the area of our intuition, musical, artistic, sexual, dreaming, imaginative, emotional, and spiritual ways of thinking and operating. It also governs the left side of the body. A good way to tap into the creative force within you is to write about a problem, or design, or whatever it is you want to creatively materialize, with your dominant hand, then answer the specific questions with your non- dominant one (for the majority of people, the non-dominant is the left hand). Try this too with painting. You’ll find that your painting will be freer and more spontaneous once you switch back to your dominant hand.

“Learn to relax, stop doing so much and start BEING!
Being here now and letting go of attachments. If it
feels positive, releasing, opening, strengthening,
inspiring, DO IT! You must first BE who you really are,
DO what you need to do, in order to HAVE what you want.
Not try to HAVE more things, money, to DO more of what
you want, so that you will BE happier.”

- Shakti Gawain, “Creative Visualization.”

Another practice that many creative people have used, is to use the imagination to tap into the wisdom, energy, and creativity of any creative genius or master you admire (living or deceased), and call on them to infuse you with energy, creativity, and insight. Tap into the essence of the chosen person, and ask them to infuse you with their special brand of creativity. Creative beings are able to find significance in everything. Chance discovery and invention are the very essence of our creative minds. The more real, honest, and spontaneous you can be, the more freely the creative force can flow through you.

If we envision certain occurrences, begin certain actions and persist with them, there will undoubtedly be certain outcomes realized. Envisioning is the way the mind lays a grid to follow. You need to define your current reality, then define your vision for your reality, along with a lifeline between the two. This develops creative tension which can be used to move towards the vision, in a deliberate but relaxed way. Work towards what J. Swan (“Sacred Places”) calls Skalalitude - a sacred state of mind where magic and beauty are everywhere. You can walk with serenity through life, once you accept your own power to create what you want in your life.

Cultivate your gifts, your virtues, your insights and revelations and pour the energy out joyfully into the cosmos. Be open to the synchronicities in your life, don’t shut out any useful encounter or experience. Allow yourself full freedom. Renew your center; your silent witness. Be a sacred observer amidst the cacaphony of modern life. Calm the inner storm. Rechannel your energy; transform it to compassion and creative genius. Accept your position at this moment - your configuration with the universe. Decide now how you want that to shift and focus the energy toward that point to create manifestation. Hear the messages all around you. Discover the codes, the keys, the portal to your own mystery. Allow the channels of abundance and grace to course through your being. Revel in each moment. Truly learn how to create your reality with mastery. Make your intention sterling and strong, divinely inspired and malleable, yet fully at your command. Knit the sacred and the spiritual into each day, each moment of your precious time here on this earthly plane. It is but a blink of an eye in your total Being.

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