Clearing Emotional Blocks

" Nuit en Romantique." June Kaminski, July 1999
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Our emotions are a precious and constant part of our being. All humans have an emotional sheath or body through which they fluctuate in response to outer and inner stimuli. We all have felt a wide assortment of emotions, since we first opened our eyes, and experienced the world on the first day of our lives. Emotions are often categorized as good and bad ones, but all are real, and are experienced by all of us.

The fourteen basic emotions include:

  • Bliss
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Mastery
  • Passion
  • Playful
  • Hope
  • Fear
  • Hopeless
  • Hate
  • Anger
  • Repulsion
  • Grief
  • Pain

Our basic personalities are rooted in the way we allow these emotions to flow through us, whether you express them or inhibit them. If we chronically "stuff" our emotions, it can lead to chronic health conditions, and emotional instability. It can also drain our mental power, and tax our spiritual beings. You must allow your emotional body to express itself without becoming clogged and blocked.

The easiest way to let emotions flow through you is to breathe with them, and act them out. If you can, something creative with your emotions. You may want to dance your grief, or joy, or anger,...or paint a picture, allowing your emotional flow to create a symbolic catharsis for the emotions that torment you. You may prefer to create music,,....strong and thunderous when angry, or ethereal and airy when feeling Love.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel an emotion, that you can feel it in your body? Most often, when we feel anger, we feel a constriction in our chest,...if it gets really serious, we feel like we are going to "blow our top", or explode. On the other hand, if you feel Love, you may feel like you're walking on air, you feel light, like you want to laugh, and run, and skip, and twirl. You feel vibrant and radiant.

"When you release your heart to love, a superbly crafted etheric antennae unfolds from the luminous envelope that surrounds your body in light."

- Ken Carey, Starseed Transmissions.

Our emotional body perceives sensations and energies through an energy center at our solar plexus. The next time you experience a strong emotion, whether pleasant or not, notice what your solar plexus is doing. You also "pick up" energy from other people through this center. When you meet a new person, your solar plexus activates, and you search your internal memory for recognition of their energy. You often decide, quite unknowingly, that person is a potential friend, lover, enemy, and so on. The word "emotion" literally means e (outward) motion. Through the solar plexus, we continuously send out emotional energy to others, and receive back energy from them. Our solar plexus "feelers" immediately recoil and contract, at the moment we feel any sort of emotional negativity, such as anger or rejection. We may even feel nauseous from it.

You can cleanse and protect your emotional body by sending out clear white light energy through your solar plexus vortex. This helps you to present yourself as powerful in the world, and also raises the vibratory rate of your emotional body. The higher and more refined your emotional body energy, the more blissful and full of love you become.

It is important that you become aware of your emotions, and allow yourself to move through them. If you repress any of your emotions, all of your emotions become stifled. If held in too long these become blocks and problems for your heart and your body.

"It is important to let go of old grudges and grievances from the past, to not tred heavily. Go forward lightly, with a twinkle in your eye, and a sense of humor and an attitude of forgiveness with each step you take."

- G. Janpolsky, Change your mind, Change your life.

"Broadcast to the universe positive, loving images of yourself, and watch people respond. Taking a moment to appreciate everyone you see, and to send them a feeling of love will change your life and raise your vibration rapidly."

- S. Roman, Living with Joy.

Giving thanks is a great way to cleanse and clear your emotional cobwebs away - and unblock years of repressed emotions. Every day take time to thank the Universe for all of your blessings, large and small. Gratitude links the emotional body to the heart and soul, and raises the vibration of your emotional body.

Our emotions are magnetic, and draw events and people to us. If you really want something, be calm and detached, and it will come to you. As you set your goals, let your emotions be light and accepting, things will happen much faster that way. Our soul can communicate with us through our emotions, using urges, insights, and sudden feelings. Listen to these, and let them help you to choose the best goals for you, and how best to achieve them.

Close to ninety per cent of illness is emotional in origin. It is important to allow emotions to flow,...singing helps. Singing resonates your entire physical body and electro- magnetic field. Singing gives your emotions a vehicle for expression and helps you to cultivate a feeling of well-being within yourself. Emotions, if not expressed become rigid blocks that accumulate in our muscle fibers and eventually become body "armor". Just as restrictive as wearing a metal vice, these plates of emotional strictures can seriously impede the energy of your entire being. It is only when you try to deny your emotions that they become dangerous. Allow yourself to feel them, express them, then move through them - never stuff them deep down inside!

"You are at the mercy of your emotions only when you fear them. They are the motion of your being. Emotional states are always impetus for action, meant to be physically expressed."

- Jane Roberts, The Nature of Personal Reality.

"When you support yourself emotionally, others mirror this by giving you lots of love and support. If you feel victimized, the key is to go inside immediately. Trust the Universe as your source of power. Our true relationship is with ourself - all other relationships are simply mirrors of it."

- Shakti Gawain, Living in the Light.

Another wonderful way to unleash any blocked emotions, is to write it all out - from deep down inside. Make a habit to write in a private journal,..all of your emotions, thoughts, and inspirations. If you're caught in an unpleasant emotion, sit down and write about it. Why you feel this way, what you're feeling, what sensations you are getting from it in your body. As you continue to write, you may begin to notice a subtle change in what you are writing. Often, people write until they find themselves philosophizing about the situation, and moving through it to completion. Try it!

Practice self-acknowledgement. Every day, take time to reflect on yourself, your strengths, your contributions to life, and your love. Overcome your hesitancy, and become strong.

"Don't allow anyone to ruin the happy hunting territory of your own mind. A happy frame of mind is your food. Protect yourself.

- Lynn Andrews, Star Woman

Realize that you color your perception of your world, with what you feel in your heart. Try to birth your moments, every day, only in Love. Give yourself permission to choose the most positive reaction in each moment. Release your fears, align your emotions with your Soul, and allow your emotional body to be an open channel for Cosmic Energy, Joy, and Peace. You are right where you ought to be at this moment. Revel in your own Being.

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