Welcome to the Year of the
Earth Cat or Rabbit!

February 16th marked the Asian New Year, and heralded in the Year of the Earth Cat or Rabbit. This promises to be a fantastic year for creative ventures, stimulating times with friends, art, music, theater, wonderful fashions, and intellectual gatherings. Find out more by visiting my page on the Earth Cat, by pressing the graphic below!

Or go to: http://www.rajunasrefuge.com/asian.html

There you can find out which of the twelve animals is your Asian astrology sign, and what this year has in store for you! Which ever you are, most people will appreciate this year of refinement, elegance, fine manners, and diplomacy. All will feel the pull toward quality, rather than quantity. An even-tempered, low-key year - time to rest, rejuvenate, and mingle with stimulating, creative people. Enjoy!!!


Thinking Like A Cat

Women are often attracted to and fond of cats. There is a connection on the mental plane - often women are also mysterious, deep thinkers, and refined. Don't feel much like a cat? Well this year is the perfect time to begin to think like one.

What on earth do I mean? Well, the next time you are close to a cat, watch them. They seem aloof and detached, but really, cats are great observers. The silent witness! This is a special part of each one of us that is calm and nonattached to the chaos around it. It stands back and observes the cacophony, without becoming involved. Not in a heartless way, but a wise and modulated one.

Cats are also wonderful hunters. Now, I am not suggesting that you become a literal hunter, but a hunter of dreams of goals. Put your intent on what you truly want in your life and go for it with sleuthy intent and quiet progress. Write down and affirm exactly how you want your life to be, and know that you can have it. Literally! Whatever it is,..love, career, home, spiritual growth, a child,...know that you will have it. Cat energy can help you tune into what you want and give you the grace and delicate balance to achieve it.


Romance in the Year of the Cat

The Year of the Cat focuses on artistic and creative pursuits. This year, capitalize on this strong productive, yet casually laid-back energy by sharing creative pursuits with your beloved. Some suggestions:

  • Engage in handicrafts together
  • Paint or build creative projects
  • Play and/or create music
  • Choose and share the creation of a collection of something
  • Dance through to the wee hours in a romantic setting
  • Visit museums and art exhibitions
  • Go to the theater and concerts
  • Share a good novel, and discuss it as you go
  • Go shopping for vibrant, artistic clothing
  • Write love letters or poetry
  • Watch a wonderful film
  • Take art or music or dance classes

Creating with Your Soul

Continuing the thread of creativity and expression, this year is a great time to allow your Soul full creative licence. No matter what your activity, from creating graphs for tomorrow's presentation, to painting delicate symbols on an art piece - channeling your Soul into the work, will manifest brilliance!

So much of the world's great masterpieces were fashioned in such a manner. Mozart wrote his music that way, Dali his surreal artwork, Einstein his solution to the time and space question, and Shelley his divine poetry. All were expressions of a surrendering to the Soul, and allowing it to flow through the body and mind.

As you work on your creation, relax and remove the ego from the piece. Instead open to your Soul and let it guide you. Go with your inner urges and voice, and allow your own genius to manifest.

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