Womyn's Unique Way of Knowing

"The Crystal Ball."
- by John William Waterhouse, 1902.

Women are often in touch with their intuition - this has been a cultural stereotype for generations. Recent research has shown that one's intuition is a valid "way of knowing" the world. Women and men would all benefit from harnessing the wisdom so freely available by simply listening to one's intuitive flashes. Are you consciously aware of the messages you receive daily via your intuition? Often these messages come as an inner thought or message - and may not seem to make sense in light of the situation they crop up in. You may suddenly get an urge, or think of someone "out of the blue", and know that you should contact them, or that they're thinking of you.

Your intuitive knowing may come as a physical sensation - a knot in your stomach, a fluttering in your solar plexus, or a tingley feeling in your forehead. If you tune into this sensation, you can gain awareness of the inner meaning of what you are feeling. The more you follow your intuition, the stronger it becomes. As we trust ourselves, our minds learn to balance our logical thinking with our intuitive knowing, affording creative, whole-brain thought processes we can use to make sound decisions, reach effective solutions, and to interact with our world in a holistic fashion.

Intuition can add power and awareness to your every day experiences, when you listen to and incorporate your intuitions along with your physical observations of people and situations. The combination of intuitive knowing and observant behavior affords a wholeness to your perceptions and actions. You begin to take a creative role in your experience rather than relying on reflexive response.

In the beginning, it is good practice to put your intuition to the test. Is it just wishful thinking, or a valid message from your inner self? You may receive a true hunch, but misconstrue its’ meaning as you attempt to interpret and apply it to your life. If you can, write your intuitive flashes down on paper - exactly as they came. Then try to interpret them with a calm, unbiased mind. It is a fine art, learning to trust and act on our intuitions, yet interpret them accurately. Before you act, ask yourself, “Do I feel a quiet inner peace about this intuitive idea?” If you do - go ahead and act on it. If you feel doubtful and anxious, chances are, you are not ready to move on this, or the thought wasn’t really from your intuition. As you become aware of and familiar with your inner intuitive voice, you will come to recognize your intuition as a private, sacred knowledge - one that comes from the wise, ancient part of your Being.

“There is an intuitive, natural way of Being that is essential to swift and effective responses to the rapid shift of energy and opportunities inherent in each moment.”

- Ken Carey, “The Starseed Transmission/Third Millennium”.

In her book, “Revolution from Within,” Gloria Steinem called intuition, In-Tuition, or self-teaching. For our minds to function holistically, we need our intuitive abilities coupled with our logical, rational thinking. Answers come when we are calm and still, go within ourselves, and then trust what we intuit. Our psychic intuition is situated near the crown of our heads - one way to access it, is to calm our mind and gaze upward, without tilting our chin up. Pay attention to the impressions you get in this position. Imagine that your mind is like a frequency receiver - one that is aimed upwards towards your highest ideals, knowledge, and purpose. You will receive pure and sacred intuitive guidance when in this frame of mind, especially if coupled with a heart full of thanksgiving for life’s sacred blessings.

We all need to intellectually and intuitively expand ourselves. Virtually all of the great artistic masterpieces and scientific discoveries can be credited to intuitive insight rather than to reason. With practice, most geniuses, such as Einstein, learned to set aside blocks, fears, and conditioning to create a clear intuitive channel to the superconscious. We all need to learn to combine our intuitions, emotions, and intellect and use them as we were meant to.

“The ego, because of its functions and characteristics can not make swift decisions as can the intuitive self, therefore, it perceives events almost in slow motion,” -

Jane Roberts, “Seth: Dreams and Projection of Consciousness.”

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