The Feminine Spirit Principle

Blue Light of Egypt. - June Kaminski, July 1999.
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Most women alive today have been raised in a decidely androcentric or male-oriented spiritual climate. Rarely, have women older than twenty been raised learning of goddess cultures or women leaders in religion. Almost all of the current religions today continue to restrict how women may express their spirituality and connection to the Source.

This fact has caused a real dearth of nurturing, compassionate spiritual energy in all of the current religions. Women's spirituality runs deep,..some say much deeper than the male energy. It is this censoring of female energy and spirituality that has marred the world for so long, and limnited the expressions of spirit to routine and structure.

Now, close to the 21st century, more and more women are claiming the beauty and majestic grace that is inherent in their Spirit, and are once again sharing this with each other, with men who are open, with children, and with the Earth. This planet has longed for the days when women danced barefoot together on her meadows, and sang and drummed and worshipped with a strength and courage that can only come from women. It is time to dance and sing and heal our Mother once more.

Women can combine their energy to heal the Earth and its' inhabitants. 25 women banded together equals 625 units of viable energy forces. The power of a cohesive group is equal to the number of members in the group squared. Man's predisposition toward aggressive, warlike behavior coupled with greed and disregard has depleted and debilitated the body of the Earth. The ionosphere, or the Earth's aura is susceptible to the negativity and low-key energy sent out by people not grounded in Spirit.

" Negativity in the form of individual thought patterns magnified many
billions of times, is capable of creating a physical imbalance within the
molecular structure of the ionosphere causing a reduction in the mass
density which increase gravitional pulls and inward collapsing of the crusts.
The ionosphere exists outside of the stratosphere, about 65 miles from the
surface and extends several hundreds of miles into space as a protective
shield. It is possible to neutralize the Earth-bound negative energy by
consciously recognizing and releasing it, allowing transmutation."

- M. Lady Young, Agartha

Use your energy and knowledge in a sacred manner. Drumming, singing, dancing, prayer, chanting, all are powerful ways to give positive energy to the Earth and to clear our own beings. Channeling the Violet Flame also brings us in line with Goddess energy, filling us with compassion, and unconditional love for all.

"A woman's primary responsibility is to be a conductor of the energy
between the Earth (mother) and the Moon (grandmother)."

- S. McFadden, Profiles of Wisdom.

To share your Light continuously, work towards the cultivation of:

  • A Functionally trained Mind - develop analysis, synthesis, abstract thought, concentration, visualization, penetrating thought.
  • Purification of the Psychic Centers - clear and develop chakras.
  • Emotional Control and Calm - Register but do not react to emotional frequencies. Learn what your emotional patterns are, then detach from them.
  • Physical Repose - move and breathe in grace and regal finesse.
  • Measured Speech - clear, accurate, insightful.
  • Creative Use of Energy - find your own natural rhythm of sexual satisfaction.
  • Living with Purpose - Accept your Quest.

"The work is to identify your stance. A warrioress faces the world
lightly like a plume. When you are not a warrioress, when you do not
face the world lightly, there are many pitfalls, the pitfalls of addictions.
When you fall into one, e.g. sadness, what you are really doing is bleeding
off your precious life force. Instead of a state of oneness you have a
state of being in duality - you are separated from the Great Spirit.
There is no opening of the mirror - there is no transcendence.
You must face yourself in the great mirror.

- Lynn Andrews, Star Woman.

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