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June Kaminski is an artist devoted to inspirational and metaphoric works of art. Her interest in the arts began as a child, expressed through active participation in music performance and study (voice, piano). From an early age she realized how powerful and clearing music could be for the body, the mind, and the spirit. Not to mention the emotional catharsis afforded!

As a University student, June continued her exploration of the arts through courses in ballet, film direction and music development,fine art production and computer science (while majoring in Nursing). Her interest continued into graduate study, where her thesis topic showed a blend of art and science in the theme, "The Effects of Soothing Music on Neonatal Behavioural States in the Hospital Newborn Nursery" (published in Neonatal Network, February 1996).


Creativity is a key to holistic health in June's view. Now, in her role as a University College Nursing faculty member, June is devoted to inspiring creativity in students and other faculty through the use of writing, art, music, dance, and webpage design for healing and integration. June has already completed several years of work with Learning Styles with students to help them capitalize on their multiple intelligences, including Linguistic, Spatial, Musical, Kinesthetic styles and so on.


June's art work has evolved as a personal choice for self-therapy and expression. Her galleries continue to grow as she indulges the Muse through digital art pieces derived from a combination of scanned drawings, photography, and computer-generated images. She intends to continue to create work that reflects the multidimensionality of life, combining themes of symbology, mysticism, nature, sacred places and the human journey. Her goal is to manifest art that speaks to the viewer's soul and inspires deep reverie and creative ventures in them as well.

Hall of Records Beckons. - June Kaminski, August 1999

Artist's Note: I created the graphic at the top of this page to represent what my view of the Edinburgh International Internet Festival's mandate and mission are. Edinburgh represents one of the oldest civilizations in Celtic history, one rich in all of the arts. By creating this cyberfestival component to a long standing tradition, a global nucleus of sharing and celebration is afforded. Music, art of all kinds, theatre, writing, and dance are all broadcast and shared with the world, with people - in the private sacred space of their own homes. A cause for celebration in my view.

As well, this festival was instigated at the time of a complete solar eclipse (especially for the Celtic lands and Europe), the "Millenial eclipse",..a time of reflection and reaching out to others in preparation of a brand new, and hopefully, joyous new millenium. I tried to replicate this essence in the piece, as well. To me, Art is a force with cosmic overtones, which seemed appropriately set in a stellar setting, surrounded by the Universe.

My second piece on this page, "Hall of Records Beckons" symbolizes my feelings about Ancient Wisdom and its' applications to the 21st century. This work is decidely Egyptian in context, but it reflects the wisdom of all cultures and eras. I believe that this is a time of great Quickening: many people are tuning into information and inspiration from all the ages, including the secrets and mysteries of the Celts. Art is an excellent medium to harness and express this wisdom of the ages.

Festival Director:

Paul Steele.
The Edinburgh Celtica Gallery.

Telephone: 0131 623 0275.

PO Box 17106 Edinburgh. Scotland.
EH11 2WD


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