Your Higher Self Connection

Goddess Temple Muses - June Kaminski, July 1999

Living in these times - as we enter the 21st century raises interesting questions about the Spirit. Our Western world is at the height of materialism, yet is also undegoing a strong spiritual undercurrent - a calling to attune and awaken to our Inner Source. Our world has become a multicultural tapestry of diversity - a blending of religions, a reawakening to aboriginal wisdom, and a growing tolerance for the rich differences, yet inherent connectiveness of all people. As we move towards the third Millenium, the market has become flooded with Spirit -driven writing, art, movements, and celebration. A critical mass is emerging - people are being drawn to holism and purpose, and a deep desire to evolve. A connection to the Higher Self is being made for many - affording a rich sense of purpose and inspiration.

More and more, people are beginning to notice a synchronicity to life. You may be mulling over a topic, investigating it with your mind, heart, and soul. Then, suddenly, this same topic is mirrored back to you in a conversation, or something that you've read, or a song you hear, or an event you experience. It's as though your Higher Self is reinforcing your focus with signs from the external world around you.

The more you notice these synchronicities, the more likely they will continue. If you perceive your world openly, expecting answers to your questions, watching for opportunities, "signs", and messages in your daily life - you'll effortlessly draw the information, attract the people, and find yourself in the best situations to fulfill your life goals and enjoy your day by day activities.

Keep in mind, that nothing happens without a reason. Remember that each person you meet has a message for you. Watch for signs and enjoy the synchronicity of your Earthly Life.

Trust is the key to opening the Spirit.
This is the first lesson of all relationships. First learn to trust yourself - that you are capable of manifesting your dreams. Learn to trust your mate - that he or she is capable of true love and dedication and honor; Trust your connection to the God/Goddess-head - no need to worry or fret, complain or become stressed. Trust your Circle - each member capable of growth and altruism. Trust Mother Earth to align with you - to foster and nourish your being.

Too much time is spent in distrust. Let go; enjoy the flow and rhythm of life. Renew your perspective and enjoy NOW; TODAY; make it special. Trust the process; your path; your Destiny. Trust in your Purpose - to be a Frequency Shifter.

June Kaminski, MSN DynoWomyn Enterprises TM
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