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AAA Alternative Health Tips
A FREE E-Zine content by: Dr. Lendon Smith, M.D. Discusses various aspects of health and health choices. Traditional and alternative medicine, vaccines, lifestyle choices, nutrition, disease treatment and prevention!

About Face
A remarkable site that focuses on the dangerous effects on women's and girl's body image and self appreciation of many common advertisements on television, in print, on billboards, and so on. Excellent resource for women, parents, teens, and teachers.

Alternative Medicine: Yahoo Mega Links
A jam-packed directory of alternative health and healing modalities. Tons of topics!

American Bodybuilding Association
Are you really serious about building up your body strength? I mean really serious? Then this is the site for you. Home of the Arnold Classic and other global competitions, this site offers news, articles, tips, workouts, photos, and competition information.

Basal Metabolism Calculator
Resourceful site with java or CGI calculator to help you determine your basal metabolism and corresponding nutritional needs. Helps you determine your caloric needs, as well as needs and limits for fat, protein, carbohydrates, saturated and polysaturated fats, and cholestrol. Also offers in-depth instructions in how to safely and healthily control your food intake to both gain weight or lose weight, depending on your assessed metabolism measures.

Better Bodz Personal Training
No-cost online personal training offered by PhD level trainers who happen to be in top form themselves. Comprehensive, sane advice for building strength, flexibility, and endurance, as well as gain or lose weight. Great resource!

Body and Soul offers quality information and tips on maintaining health from childhood to elderhood. Recipes, columns, tips, book reviews, chats and forums geared especially for women.

Body Atlas
Bodyatlas focuses on the latest health topics and news for men, women, and children of all ages and stages with indepth articles, news, book and site reviews, a self-scoring quiz, free prizes, and discussion/forums

Canadian Nursing Index
A Great Source for Canadian Nursing Information on the Internet!
Interactive site that helps you to assess your current body health, weight, fitness level, and nutritional needs. Sensible tips and information to help you and your family enjoy a life of vitality and wellness.

Don't Panic - Eat Organic!
A mega-directory offering articles, how-to's, links, papers, news, and secrets of organic gardening for good health. Great section on making friends with certain wild creatures to control garden foragers without using poisons and pesticides.

Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention (EDAP)
EDAP is the largest national nonprofit organization dedicated solely to eating disorder prevention. EDAP also offers the only toll-free hotline for eating and body image issues. EDAPšs hotline (1-800-931-2237) is a safe place for individuals, friends, and family members to ask questions, receive free information, or receive a referral to a local eating disorder professional.

Epicurious - For People Who Eat
A packed directory of recipes, articles, links, and databases related to delicious yet nutritious dining for you and your loved ones.

Fitness Link
A goldmine of information for people serious about making fitness a regular part of life. News, articles, program suggestions, personal trainer guidelines, nutrition, mind and body interaction, and lots more!

Fitness Partner Connection Jumpsite
Great interactive website with discussion forums, articles, news, calculators, library, tips, personal advice, and facts on fitness, nutrition and health.

Global Health Network
This international website brings together resources from government, international, organizations, business and academia to work toward disease prevention and health promotion in the 21st century. Many links to public health organizations, meetings, programs, publications and news.

Healing Intent
From the author of DynoWomyn, apply your intention to increase your vitality, wellness and physical fitness level. Articles, links, Intention Award, news and discussion.

Health Central
Articles, news, radio and TV show content by Dr. Dean Edell on fitness, nutrition, stress, lifestyle choices, and health. Articles, news, tips, health profiles, transcripts, quizzes and assessment tools to help you take control of your own health and well being.

Health World
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world," M. Gandhi. Health World offers this wise statement as it's philosophy in presenting health and wellbeing resources in a well laid out design with excellent graphics.

Health WWWeb
An incredible resource for researching multiple health topics, from nutrition to alternative medicine. A professionally designed site with user friendly entry points, and loads of dependable information to boost your family's health.

A gateway site to a carefully chosen assortment of weblinks and databases to research any health topic imaginable. From babies to elders, the health information you seek can be found through this site.

Healthy Choice
Nicely laid out site for uptodate information on low-fat recipes, sound nutrition, and a lifetime of physical fitness from youth to the twilight years.

Healthy Ideas by Prevention Magazine
Holistic, contemporary and reliable information and tips on fitness, personality, personal style and preferences, nutrition, stress release and other health related topics. Articles, chat, tips, recipes, family health and more.

Hiking and Walking Webpage
A collection of news items, club and organization information resources from around the world, national and international trail descriptions and directions, tours, gear tips, and links to more resources for those serious about walking and hiking for health and pleasure.

Holistic Internet Resources
A well-rounded database of holistic health initiatives, practitioners, events, and web resources. Focuses on empowerment of self development and well-being.

IBIS: The Interactive Body-Mind Information System
Integrative Medicine and Natural Health software and information. An authoriative clinical reference tool for natural approaches to health.

From John Hopkins University, offers sound seasonal advice (for North Americans) on how to stay healthy and still enjoy spending more time out of doors, engaged in more active lifestyles. Also offers information, newsletters, articles and tips on a myriad of general health and wellness topics.
Professional yet enticing website made especially for kids, parents, teachers, and health professionals on encouraging and maintaining health, fitness and good nutrition for kids of all ages. Colorful and attractive, with active kids in mind.

Magic Stream Journal
This site offers self-help and a guide to mental and emotional wellness. Offers a holistic approach to health, nutrition and psychology to build your emotional intelligence and stress management abilities.

MEDSCAPE's Women's Health MedPulse(R)
A large collection of databases, website links, discussion forums, libraries, and resources for Women, focusing on Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Womens Health

National Women's Health Information Center
This site, sponsored by the U.S. Public Health Services Office on Women's Health, offers a searchable database on a variety of women's health topics and issues.

Native American Ethnobotany Database
Offers a searchable database to find aboriginal herbal and plant medicine treatments for a large assortment of conditions and healing needs. Researched and compiled by anthropologist, Dan Moerman.

NBAF: National Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine
Editor Jim Eddy offers a high-quality, free monthly online magazine devoted to bodybuilding and fitness. He features articles, Contests, Pictures, and Links for people interested in improving their strength, physique, health and fitness levels.

Pandora's Pads
Pandora Pads promotes a healthy body and Earth by manufacturing the finest cotton feminine pad. You'll love wearing our soft, comfortable, breathable pads. Having the best design makes the difference!

President's Physical Fitness Challenge
Information for parents, teachers, and children on how your child can earn the President's Challenge crest and certificate for excellance in physical fitness. Software descriptions for teachers, standards, recommendations, and training directives available. Help your child get off to an early start to a lifetime of vigor, strength, and endurance.

Runner's World Online
A comprehensive resource for people who are serious about running as an integral part of their life and fitness regime. Includes articles, tips, programs, nutrition, gear lowdown, news, book reviews,injury prevention, weight loss, events, records, and stats.

Soy and Veggie Recipes Database
Offers a gateway to an assortment of delicious and nutritious vegetarian recipes, utilizing soya beans as a flexible protein food, served in a myriad of ways.

Vita-Master Nutritional Software
Excellent downloadable software (free trial!) that guides you in selecting holistic health choices and lifestyle practices for superb health. Interactive, with printable personalized reports.

Weight Lifting and Fitness
Jean-Paul Fitness Specialists provide a common sense approach to weight training and fitness. Complete with color illustrations, this site is invaluable for anyone serious about strength training.

Women's Health Hot Line
an independent, commercial-free newsletter created by medical author, professional speaker, and founder of National Women's Heart Health Day, Charlotte Libov to foster awareness of important women's health issues.

World Guide: Health and Fitness Forums
Useful resource on fitness, nutrition, cardiac exercise, anatomy, strength training, and sports medicine.

Yoga Site
Research-based information provides excellent rationale to become acquainted with the pleasant and easy postures inherent in Hatha Yoga. Health benefits, fitness, pain reduction, yoga therapy and guides, chat, newsgroups, and resources for teacher training are offered in a user-friendly online environment.

Exceptional resource for learning and practicing Hath yoga in the privacy of your home. Full color illustrations of all the major asanas or yoga postures; correct breathing, and yoga philosophy. Excellent practice for flexibility and maintaining a youthful posture and gait.

Your Health from the CHW
Catholic Healthcare West offers individual health assessment tools, a massive website link library, and wellness resources. Nutrition, fitness, stress management, disease prevention, weight loss, smoking cessation and more.

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