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Mind-provoking site that spoofs popular advertisements with an activist intent. Their goal is to raise people's awareness of the "grip" advertising can have on people's motivations and choices.

Dream Weaving
Sound Healing, Consciousness and More! You must check out this site! Pure Magic. Generous offerings of tutorials and lessons in expanding your mind, your spirit and your stance in life. Not to mention your understanding and ability to cocreate.

Feminist Theory Website
A wonderful resource that encourages research, dialogue, and understanding of the various forms and theories in feminist practices and literature from around the world.

Global Psychics: Developing your Psychic Ability and Intuition
A nicely done site with Readings, Articles, Columns, Newsletter,Shopping, Tips. Warm and friendly atmosphere.

Innovation Network: Intuition and Creativity
Articles like, "Can Intuition Be An Active Part of the Innovation Process? You Bet!" Reports and discussions about innovation, creativity, intuition, future skills, business in the 21st century and more!

Mental Health Net
A comprehensive, professional guide to mental health, psychological health, and psychiatric disturbances. Reliable and self-empowering information and guidelines for coping with various mental health challenges.

Mind Tools
Guidelines and resources to help you tap the creativity, rational and intuitive powers of your mind and boost your mental health.

Mind Magic
Created to help you reach your Personal Power. Offers a monthly e-zine to help you explore your own issues, thoughts, and barriers.

Power Learning
An invaluable resource for boosting your mental abilities, or those of children. Topics such as mental imagery, critical thinking, reflective thinking, engaged learning and much more are featured.

Praxnex and other Gender-Related Electronic Forums
A collection of interesting and diverse electronic discussion groups you can join. Subjects range from activism to motherhood to age-related issues to spirituality, and tons more!

Project Mind Foundation - Intuition, Creativity, Mind & Matter
Excellent site that encourages us all to develop our minds and awareness. "The world is now too dangerous for anything less than Utopia. (Buckminster Fuller)" sums up their philosophy.

Self-Help and Psychology Magazine
Produced by a licenced psychologist, this online publication offers discussion boards, articles, interactive activities and more related to mental health and psychological well being.

Whispers Online Magazine for Women
A stimulating, supportive and enthralling magazine for the 21st century woman, available to you from your computer. No subscription fee. Do check it out!

Wisdom of Ancient Healing Manual
A goldmine for your health of body, mind, emotions, and spirit! Absolutely invaluable resource that presents over 1,000 pages worth of healing, meditation, thought refinement, chakra work, and tons more! A must see!

Women 2000
A sister site to DynoWomyn Web Haven. Women's organizations, advocacy, resources, discussions, support and informations.

Women Leaders Online
The first and largest women's activist group on the internet: empowering women in politics, media, society, the economy and cyberspace. They aim to gather 1 million women minimum into a cohesive network worldwide.

Women of Achievement and Herstory
Irene Stuber's wonderful site on women's achievements and challenges throughout history. Also offers a discussion list to share your thoughts about this topic with like-minded women.

WWWeb Virtual Library
Great resource for learning all about advanced computer and internet systems. Their intent is to lead the development of the Web to its full potential for all.

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