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Annie's 12 Step Page
A wonderfully supportive page for people engaged in 12 Step programs.
Discussions, information, e-cards, humor, support, and inspiration.

Crafts from Pan: Cross Stitch Patterns - Celtic Cross, Runes, Elements
A lovely assortment of cross stitch or needlework patterns for people looking for atypical spiritual patterns.

Dream Catcher Patterns
Make your own based on the North American Ojibway pattern.
Always make it at night when the dreams fly free.

DynoWomyn Divas: Romance for the 21st Century Womyn
A space for you to seek and find a new love, a new friend, a penpal, a common mind.

Emotional Intelligence
An interview with Daniel Goleman, author of the renowned book, Emotional Intelligence.
Also offers a quiz to test your own.

Health Pyramid
An beautifully done site integrating emotional wellbeing with bio-chemical, neurological, bio-energetic, and spiritual development, growth, and balance.

Healthy Healing Publications
A valuable site provided by Dr. Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D. to help you balance your life, your psyche, and your heart. Reports, newsletter, articles, brochures, press releases, herbal medicine.

Heart Math
A fascinating overview of current research being done on emotional health and balance by looking at the heart's and our emotions's role in human performance.

How Mental/Emotional Health Affects Physical Health
An awesome site. Gorgeous, soothing, packed full of content; and enlightening. You will not want to miss it! Lots more info related to total integrated health.

Inner Self Magazine
An extensive directory devoted to the development of your inner self as cohort with your mind and body. A diverse assortment of topics to explore!

InterMountain Woman
A magazine especially for the new woman. Their slogan: "Patriarchy has stolen our cosmos and returned it in the form of Cosmopolitan magazine and cosmetics" -Mary Daly.

Medscape's Patient Information on Mental and Emotional Health
Information dealing with the mental and emotional aspects of common problems including panic and anxiety disorders; depression; eating disorders; insomnia; Schizophrenia and others.

Native Minds: Self-Help Systems
Interesting site that offers you several online interactive systems to explore and resolve emotional issues, stress, indecision, and blockages. Try it!
A resourceful directory to link parents of young children for support, sharing, and encouragement. Offers a myriad of services and activities for parents.

Dee and Joe's heartwarming site, focused on dreams, hopes, and heart fulfillment.

Sound Healing and Vibrational Medicine
Interesting site focused on the use of sound and vibration to balance and integrate body, mind, emotion and spirit. Articles, discussion forum, Interactive Shockwaved Sound Experiences, music to order.

Tests, Tests, Tests
A site devoted to interactive tests to assess your emotional wellbeing, stress responses, attitudes, lifestyle, personality, self-esteem, anxiety level, locus of control, Relationship satisfaction, optimism, and lots more!

Third Age
A very useful resource for women entering their third age - their time of power. As we approach menopause, we need to continue to feel energized, stay involved, and stay empowered. Peer support and discussions, personal consultations with physicians and nurses, articles, news, health updates, emotional health, and more.

ThriveNet: Resilience, Hardiness
Wonderful site focused on helping you to assess, discover, and build your personal resilience and inner hardiness. Assessment tools, action plans, articles, quizzes, discussions, coaching, links and more.

Working With Others: What Great Minds Have To Say
An emotional adventure through great quotes, heart-searching questions to ponder; self-assessment; personal growth inhibitors; relationship quiz, and articles.

Xonic: The Aural Continuum
A Sacred Space to learn about sound, energy, and vibration to balance body, mind, heart, and spirit. Crystal bowls, sacred instruments, recordings, and a sharing of the healing and integrating power of sound.

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