Love Is The Key

"Summer Goddess L'Amour."
- by June Kaminksi, July 1999.

Beacons of Love

As we all know, the 21st century is almost here - only a few months away! Many people harbor strong emotions about what the year 2000 will bring. Some see more of the same; some feel disaster will strike, founded on fear and retribution; others sense the dawning of a rich, joyful new millennium founded on peace and love. The key to this latter view is the final word in the last sentence - LOVE! The emotional body is at it’s best - it’s most powerful, when the force of Love is allowed to flow through it. People may not realize it, but their emotional bodies are tangible vehicles, just as their physical bodies are.

In our fast-paced, ever-changing modern world, we experience an overwhelming array of emotions. Throughout the course of a routine day, we can easily experience the vibrational frequencies of love, hate, fear, sorrow, apathy, joy, and so on. If we are not in tune with our emotional bodies, we are often ineffective in tempering the outpour of raw, intense emotions that flood them and can “ruin our day.”

The key to emotional health is a regular, generous dose of the Love frequency. Whether this love is targeted towards ourselves (self-love), towards others (romantic love, parental love, and such), or towards the external environment in general, (cosmic love), this rich emotion heals, frees, and buoys us above the impact of lower energies which may target us in our routine lives.

The Love frequency is most readily and tangibly felt in the heart region. Have you ever noticed, that when you feel love for another in a joyous way, your heart, chest, and throat areas feel light, vibrant, and energized? Or, when you’ve lost someone you love, or feel a deficit of love in your life - your heart and throat areas feel heavy, pressurized and painful - often bringing you to the brink of tears?

An easy way to draw more love into your emotional body is to work with your heart chakra. As you move through your day, “see” a rosy pink jewel or an emerald green one, shining in your heart cavity. See the light of this perfect, brilliant jewel send rays of radiant laser-like light out from your emotional body to touch all those around you. See this light soften the energy between you and all you meet - catalyzing a rich energy exchange of communion, peaceful interaction, dignity, and love. Be a Beacon of Love!

June Kaminski, MSN DynoWomyn Enterprises TM
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