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Upper World: Celestial Sea. -
June Kaminski, December 1999

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January 1st, 2000

Greetings Everyone!

I am wishing you ALL a Joyous, Blessed, and Prosperous New Year, New Century, and New Millennium!!! To me, this is a very fertile and magical time that we have just entered. Starting on February 4th, we move into the Asian Year of the Dragon, a year of pagentry, high ambition, fruitful works and celebration! Perfect for a New Millennium!!

Now that the Year 2000 is here, and the world is still going on strong and full despite Y2K worries, it is time to make sure Your Path is a strong one. This is not a time for being a shrinking violet or will-o-the-wisp. It is time for women and men to stand side by side, powerful yet compassionate, fully prepared to embrace the energy, the promise, and the Advanced Spirit of the 21st Century.

We are all called upon to develop into leaders now. The time of sitting back and watching life drift by, year after year is gone. This is the century where we will learn to work with the energies of time, space, and dimension and take an active hand in shaping and creating the matrix of life as we know it. Scientists now know that our thoughts and our energy as human beings affects the world around us, including our planet. In the days ahead, science will also discover and prove that thoughts, feelings, spiritual impulses all set the foundational matrix for life itself. We will learn to co-create together, to make the world of our dreams.

To do this, we must all develop. Our beliefs, our values, our hopes and dreams must all be raised a frequency or two to escalate us to our next step in human evolution. Together, we can create a bright new future for ourselves, our loved ones, our children, and all subsequent generations. The time is NOW, to claim your Power, your Life Force, your Path, and your Destiny. Do not fear or worry. Nestle in the knowledge that you have a very significant role to play in this rhapsody of life. Express your Voice, Share your Wisdom, Lend a Hand, and Hone Your Spirit. You are a Beacon of this Bright New Millennium. Shine on!

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August 12th, 2000

"Ode to Loretta" - August 12, 2000

Today marks the passing of a Lady who impressed me deeply when I was a young child. Loretta Young, born January 6th, 1913 died today at the age of 87. In my young maiden eyes, she was the epitome of compassion, grace, beauty and eloquence. May her journey be filled with Light, Love and Bliss.
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