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October 7th, 2001

Greetings Everyone!

Over the past month the media and our hearts have been full of disbelief, anger, debates and talk of revenge for the horrible tradegy that occurred on September 11th in New York, Washington and PA. Today we hear of battle being launched in the Afghan homelands. The situation seems terse and grim. We women have an energy which is sorely needed in this time of fear and chaos. We carry within us the strength and fortitude of every generation of women that has come before us. We must be strong and united. Together we can create an atmosphere of magical energy - to influence the threat of war and destruction. Justice can be realized but only when wisdom and absolute certainty that only the perpetuators are made to face the consequences of their actions are in play.

Women around the world have suffered, just as their children have in the name of war and authority. May this Thanksgiving bring a breakthrough in the minds and hearts of men, women and children - that we need to evolve beyond our primal urges and instincts and embrace the compassion and wisdom that is meant for us. I urge every woman on this planet to fill the air around her with love, wisdom and distinct and discerning communication. You are an emblem of wise power - teach those around you to develop the same. Be thankful for your heart and your spirit. Let these guide you in all that you do. Your intelligence will be quickened, and your Will will create the Manifestation of true humanhood upon the Earth. It has always been up to us, to women, to bring common sense and dignity into the major decisions in life. Make sure your true voice is heard.

July 29th, 2001

Greetings Everyone!

It has been almost a year since I have written in my Musings pages. Life has been busy - full of work and processing. Now, I am moved to rejuvenate DynoWomyn Web Haven, making this space a beehive of activity for womyn all over the globe. Coupled with my sister site, Women 2000, this site is intended to provide insight, support and motivation to womyn interested in cultivating holistic wellbeing of body, mind, heart and spirit. Self discovery and initiation is important, but so is social networking and a sharing of our wisdom and experiences with one another. To that end, I have fleshed out my Reading Room to afford easy access to fifty timely books and CDs, all primed to help you make the most of yourself in these four areas. As well, the DynoWomyn Newsletter will be relaunched soon for your reading pleasure. I'd also like to encourage you to join our DynoWomyn Community, a place where we can chat in a private online chat room, discuss topics on a private discussion board, share links, pictures and events. Together, we can make this site what she is meant to be - a hub of female development, power and growth. Please do join me!

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