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September 20th, 2004

Greetings Everyone!

It has now been six years since I first thought of creating this site - to share my ideas, expertise and encouragement for the empowerment of women around the globe. Many of you have shared your views of this site and I appreciate it. Although my time to work on this site has dwindled, my heart is still very much in it. I would love to interact with more of you, either by email or on our community forum.

In these quickening times, the world needs our energy more than ever. There is something truly special about pure female power. It is a power that invites all around it to strive for excellence in values, thought, actions and feelings. The more attuned women become to their innate compassionate nature, the more the world will reflect a renewal and a surge for hope. We truly are a mainstay force for global peace, enlightenment and hope. Won't you join me in tending to your own fire of power within? Then let that power beam upon your every step and deed in this world! The effects will truly be phenomenal!


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