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September 1998 Volume 1, Number 5

Editor: June Kaminski, RN MSN

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Body Dialogue

Autumn Renewal

September is here! My, the summer went quickly! Autumn has begun - often a busy season for the modern woman. The briskness of the fall air, the colors that grace the trees against the deep blue Fall sky - beckon and urge us to truly savor the crisp, ripened world around us. Mother Earth shares her bounty, as the season of the harvest is underway.

Now is the perfect time to assess your body's condition and state of health. Is your body vibrant, strong, rich with energy and sensuality? If your answer is hesitant, here are some activities you can engage in, to boost your health and renew your relationship with your body.

1. At the end of the day, sit or lie down quietly, and tune into your body. Review your day, then imagine that you are drawing back all the energy and creativity that you have given out through out the day. Bring that positive energy back into your body. Feel it flow into your palms, the soles of your feet, the top of your head, your heart area, and your mid-section. Drink it in, and feel it gently warm and soothe you, filling your body with soft white or golden light. Enjoy!

2. Hold a "Spa Day" with some friends, or your partner. Take turns massaging one another, give facials, hair cuts, special grooming and/or healing treatments.

3. Sit in Nature, put your feet in a stream, or lie on the Earth, drinking in her energy through every pore.

4. Put on some music that speaks to your Soul, and find a private place to dance your emotions, your feelings, moving your body in any way you choose. Offer your dance to the Universe.

Mind Dialogue

Cognitive Clearing

Autumn is a wonderful time to take stock of how your life is evolving. Philosophers tell us that our lives are of our own making. How is your creation faring at the moment? Do you awaken each day with a song in your heart? Your mind alive and eager to delve into the activities of the day? If not - it's time to make a plan. A plan to recreate your life from the foundations up.

All of life's situations and occurrences begin in your mind - in your perception of yourself, of others around you, and in how the world works. If you truly believe you are a victim - a person who experiences life "at the effect" of outward events, life will be filled with a recurrent cycle of missed opportunities, disappointments, and boring repetition. If you know deep down inside you that you are the creator of your life's events, you may still experience unfortunate situations, but somehow, you'll turn things around so that even difficulties end up being blessings.

It is up to each one of us to claim control of our own destinies. Ferret out what stands in your way, examine it, and get rid of it - whether it is outmoded views and beliefs, misguided values, or cultural conditioning. It is simple. Your life can be a harmonious medley of power, adventure, joy and kinship. You just need to believe and KNOW it. Value what is beautiful and uplifting, and consciously create an esthetic and rewarding world around you.

Heart Dialogue

Revealing your Wild Heart

Having the freedom to be your natural self in a loving relationship is a gift beyond measure. In the early days of most relationships, being ‘wild and carefree" comes naturally, but as most unions mature, boundaries and expectations arise. Power struggles can emerge, control issues evolve, and an uncomfortable, restricted energy may develop. Most people find it is hard to control their partner and not take the spirit out of them and out of the partnership.

The easiest way to maintain the "honeymoon glow" in any relationship is to share your deep secret feelings and fantasies. If the two of you are truly suited to one another, space for such discussion will be allowed and indulged in. At first, you may feel some inhibition in revealing the deep recesses of your heart with your loved one, but with practice, it will feel joyously wonderful to do so.

Set up some private sessions with your partner, times to be alone together to express your hearts' longings, your pleasures, and your true nature.

1. Lie under the stars together and fantasize about all the adventurous, fun things you'd like to do as a couple - be outrageous!

2. During intimacy, let your partner know what is important for you to get in touch with your sensual, uninhibited side - touch, music, fragrance, setting, and so on.

3. Watch a sunset together, go for a stroll by the sea, have a romantic picnic in a private shady glen - and bare your soul.

4. Read an enchanting book together, taking turns to read out loud, while the listener rubs the reader's feet or back.

5. Write poetry for one another, or music.

Whatever you choose - make it fun, enriching, and pleasant for both of you - two wild hearts beating as one!

Spirit Dialogue

Prayer: Song of the Soul

Prayer has been a human practice since time began. Common to all religions and unorganized spiritual systems - prayer can provide you with new hope, a connection to your Higher Self, and a direct link or "pipeline" to your God/Goddess. Prayer is defined as a time when we talk with our Creator. Whatever your concept of the Creator is - you can express your thoughts, feelings, and spiritual longings to this Divine Energy through prayer.

Prayer can be done anywhere - any time. Situations that usually fill you with impatience and boredom can be transformed into times of replenishment if used for prayer. If you're waiting in line at the bank or cashier stall - use the time to pray. If you're stuck in "rush hour" traffic, use the time to review your day with the Divine; to process experiences that tax your soul - to find answers to pressing problems or situations.

A particularly suitable time to pray is when you're walking out of doors or out in Nature. A rich swelling of joy and contentment can fill your heart and soul when prayer is offered up in an natural setting.

A wonderfully important component of prayer to incorporate is Giving Thanks. Expressing a deep appreciation for ALL of your blessings is a sure-fire way to "lighten your soul's burdens", leaving you feeling content, light, and cared for. When we can be thankful for all of life's experiences, we are well on our way to Living in the Spirit, and in developing a keen awareness of the rhythm and hidden messages in our daily lives.

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