A Tribute to Urania:
Muse of the Stellar Watchers

"La Muse Uranie." - by J. Laurent, 1880.

"We are made from Stars,
And to the Stars we must return."

- Lynn Andrews, "Star Woman".

Breath of Urania

Oh Blessed Muse, Urania,
Goddess of the Stars,
You guide us to gaze skyward,
Night canopy, ancient light.
From days of yonder yesteryear,
Your voice has touched our hearts,
To contemplate the heavens,
Seek patterns, know the meaning,
Within your starmaps bright.

The secrets of the ancients,
Reveal your influence,
Starseeds come to Earth,
To teach about the stars.
Dimensional journies carry us,
To revel in your care,
Urania, Stellar Cosmic Queen -
You beckon,...do we dare?
Infuse me, Blessed Muse - Alight!

-10-03-98 J.K.

"The Muses: Urania." - by Simon Vouet, 1634

The Pleiades

My ancestory is a mixture of Celtic and Aboriginal blood, namely, the Ojibway clan. The Ojibway have long known that they are the Children of the star constellation called the Seven Sisters, or the Pleiades (see photograph in the table below). Legends and stories still exist that describe how stellar forefathers from this special star cluster seeded the Earth, before historic time.

Pleiadian Whispers

Vessels of my Blood,
Shine brilliant in the night,
Stories of the ages,
Laud your regal light.
Radiant Sisters Seven,
Harbored in my cells,
Touch my inner vision,
Cast your secret spell.
Fond Pleiadian memories,
Echo in my soul,
Whisper to my psyche,
"Shift. Align. Be Whole!"

-10-03-98 J.Kaminski


"Listen to the winds -
They tell the legends of the galaxies,
To learn of the stars,
You must burn as they do.
In time, this will come to pass,
In time your new teacher will prepare you,
For your journey to the stars.
Only then can you complete this circle,
And go on to teach,
Your people where they come from,
and what they are made of."

-L. Andrews, "Star Woman."

Ode to Amargi:
Stellar Watcher Extraordinaire!

Child of the autumn,
Vessel of Light,
May your Power Cadence ever fill the Air,
Lightening quick cognitive pulsing,
directed Intent:
Manifests as lustrous beams - radiates afar.

Sweet Child of the Heavens,
You grace us with your Light.
Synergy unfolds, the Hall yawns - awakened,
Majestic Lion beckons ~ Crown receives,
Reaches to the magic of the night.
Not a beat is missed ~ reverberation; tonal fire,
Stellar pathway opens. Dream is found.

-09-29-98 J.Kaminski

"Stellar Guardians" - June Kaminski April 1999
To View More, Click the Image.

The Paschats Tribes of Sirius

"In the Shadow of the Sphinx" - June Kaminski Oct. 1998.
To View More, Click the Image.

One of my Spirit Guides, is a man with a lion's face - a Catman or one of the Paschats tribe, according to Murry Hope. This being first appeared in my visions during an initiation ceremony that I experienced within the Giza monuments, namely, the Sphinx - another lion-being. It is amazing to me that I can feel such love, warmth, and protection from this fantastic being - a being only accessed on the deep inner reaches of my Spirit. This collage is an attempt to illustrate the beauty of the visions in which my Catman Guide appears.

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