Hedy Ascends - June Kaminski, January 2000.
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The 21st Century is here! Along with the changing Millennium, emerges an evolved kind of Womyn - The DynoWomyn!! "DynoWomyn" is a term that I created to eptiomize womyn as strong, free, sensitive, loving, and totally confident, ready to participate in creating a peaceful, vibrant and empowering world for people of all ages, cultures, genders, countries and lifestyles.

Womyn have always sensed their innate Power, Yet, throughout history, they have been forced, or have chosen to keep their Power hidden. We now live in the finest time in history, where womyn can feel free to share their intelligence, their insights, their strength, and their spiritual knowings. A time where women can be both beautiful and brilliant, athletic and emotionally whole.

All through the 20th Century, movements of womyn have joined to establish their rights,declare their decision - making abilities, and reclaim some of their Power. Yet, in the past 2 to 3 decades, so many womyn have succumbed to the SuperWoman Syndrome - the "do-it-all-till-it-kills-us" mindset - at their own expense. Now is the time to flow with life!

As the 21st century emerges, Womyn are discovering a new way to live - a way of holism, confidence, inner nurturance, and self - actualization. Womyn are learning to dialogue and reflect with other Womyn, to tell their stories - of their experiences, their thoughts and feelings, their dreams, and their patterns of inner growth. Womyn are developing a deep and supportive relationship with their inner resources: their Higher Self, their Intuition, and their Female Power.

The 21st Century is the time of the DynoWomyn: The Dynamic - Dynamo Womyn. Womyn who are in tune with themselves on all levels: with their bodies, minds, heart, and their Soul and Spirit.

Womyn who choose to develop their Female Power and allow it to shine in every area of their lives:

  • In their Physique
  • In their Mental processes
  • In their Relationships -
    with people, nature, and their environment
  • In their Spiritual Quest
  • In their Career Path
  • In manifesting their Intentions, Goals, and Dreams
  • In their Creative Expression

Within this DynoWomyn Web Haven, viewers are invited to explore inspirational art, articles, poetry, coaching, newsletters, shoppes, lots of links, our community and engage in your own self - development. Womyn are offered a safe place to share their stories, to dialogue with others, and to reflect upon their discoveries and inner knowings.

I hope you enjoy the time you spend here at DynoWomyn, and that your Path will always be deeply Blessed with the Inner Knowing and Expression of your Unique Female Power!!

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