My Art Featured at these Great Sites.

Hedy Ascends. - June Kaminski, January 2000
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The following sites have provided more than a link to this site.
They have kindly created a "Feature" Page to showcase the art
by June Kaminski displayed on DynoWomyn. Please visit their sites!

The Healing Pages Gallery

Featured! I am pleased to be the featured artist this month on
The Healing Pages Gallery viewable by clicking HERE!

Pegasus' Art Gallery

Pegusus Art Gallery


This beautiful virtual gallery showcases all types of artists
in a wonderfully aesthetic environment. A must see!
My work listed on August 9th, 1999

Feature Page at:

Alenka Marovt, the Pegasus creator graciously passed on her gallery to me in October 1999. Thanks, Alenka!

Alchemix Web Design and Fine Art


Geoff Luissier, BFA Hon, showcases emerging artists
on his tastefully done site. An excellent artist himself,
Geoff also offers web design and an exquisite site award.
My art was added to his Gallery on August 6th, 1999

Feature Page at:

Art Exchange


Thomas and Laura Struszka offer a wonderful opportunity for artists to
showcase their work alongside their peers. Each artist is featured on their
own page. Please come and view the wonderful visual feast at this site.
My art was added to the Art Exchange database on August 4th, 1999

My Feature Page at:

New Dawn Graphics


Featured Artist page:

Dawn Dunlop, an exquisite graphic artist and designer, herself,
kindly created a "Featured Artist" page to showcase my work on
July 30th, 1999. Please visit her site, to view her own creative
offerings and services.

The Internet Art Database


June's listing at:

This database offers an invaluable free service to artists.
View my listing (listed June 24th, 1999), as well as a
multitude of other artists' work right from your computer!



Damris, creator of ethereal acoustics and otherworldly art, featured
June's (Rajuna's) work in the Featured Artist section on June 17th, 1999.
Please visit Moonscape to listen to and view this site's wonderful art.

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