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Visions Gallery

Artist's Note: (September 29th, 1999).

I was pleased to receive the following review from Paul Steele, Founder of this delightful Festival built for the Cyber Community. Thanks, Paul!

"One of the main reasons the first Edinburgh Internet Festival was a absolute delight to organise...was the opportunity It gave me to work with some of the Best Artists using the Internet today...such as June Kaminski.

When June informed me that she had planned a Special Festival Section on the Dyno Womyn Website....I knew from the site that the results would be more than good. Yet, I was completely unprepared for the outstanding display we were provided with.

Showing a full measure of the spirit behind the Festival...June's Webpage design work was both subtle and beautifully constructed...while the specially produced Artwork ( her Festival Header and art piece, "Hall of Records Beckons") that formed the centre of her Exhibition perfectly captured the essence ( and emotion ), behind the concept.

Well deserving of a high ranking place in the Honour Role for the First Festival...I hope that June will become a main stay of the project for many years to come."

Paul Steele
Founder of the
First Edinburgh International Internet Festival.
September 27th, 1999

The first Edinburgh International Internet Festival will be lauched, August 1st to September 1st, 1999. By following various links via the Edinburgh Gallery website at http://www.edinburghceltica.com you will find a combination of traditional, modern, neo-realist and avant garde art by a most gifted group of international artists.

Because digital technology enables artists to communicate globally at a unimagined level of complexity, the Edinburgh Festival is aiming to bring together all the various creative elements that artists are currently using on the internet to further the dissemination of their work and to unify all this for a single explosive global Festival.

The Edinburgh Gallery has done so much in th last fifty years to bring our world together to celebrate not just Art and the Theatre but a multidimensional line of concepts. Many artists would love to take part in the Festival, but because of diffferent reasons, are unable to make the trip to Scotland. Subsequently, the project "Edinburgh International Festival" was created. With the aid of a website all artists globally, be it, Artist - Poet - Writer - Sculptor - Theatre or Dance-group...etc, now has the opportunity to participate in the world`s largest Arts Festival, via a simple link from Edinburgh!

We believe, we live at a time when the impact of technology on art has never been more apparent, therefore, we felt the need to creat the "International Edinburgh Fringe Festival". Our aim is the promotion of an Internet community with no charge to the participating artists and the foundation of a whole new dimension to the Edinburgh Festival! The idea behind this endeavor was to devote a section of our available Webspace to Artists and performers taking part in this year's Festival. We realized artists are moving their activity into new areas, therefore the internet was the ideal venue for the Festival to reach its full potential as an International Event!

We decided to invite fellow members of the Celtic & Artistic community on the internet to participate via interview and exhibitions of their work hosted in the Festival section of our August edition. As space is limited,we would ask each participant to feature an interview on their own page, with contact details and a minimum of two exhibition pieces. This was the best solution at the time, (while this option is still available to those who wish it), we realized this method did not give much scope to those Artists who are talented Webpage Designers.

The concept of the Edinburgh International Festival is to bring together the Global Community in a celebration of each others Art & Culture! Each year we are visited by performers from across the entire world! As our Gallery is based in Edinburgh and will act as an anchor for websites across the world, we feel that those who participate via the internet have as important a part to play as those who appear in person (or in the case of the Film Festival..on screen!)

Artists who believe that art can be a positive evolutionary force are asked to join what, we believe to be the biggest Internet Art Festival in 1999.


Festival Director:

Paul Steele.
The Edinburgh Celtica Gallery.

Telephone: 0131 623 0275.

PO Box 17106 Edinburgh. Scotland.
EH11 2WD


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