Empathy and Compassion

Goddess Noveau - June Kaminski, July 1999
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"Empathy is the most revolutionary emotion - the ultimate.
The Golden Rule can be read two ways, "Do unto yourself as you would do unto others."

- Gloria Steinem, Revolution from Within.

The human race is on a slow but steady road of evolution. Not every member evolves at the same time, some are more developed than others. But within each one of us, is the drive for evolution and transcendence. Now is the time that many people are, often unknowingly, experiencing an opening of a very special energy center - midway between their throat and the center of their chest. Within this area is the thymus chakra - the seat of compassion, empathy, and love for humanity as a whole.

By focusing on this area, and visualizing a brilliant jewel, turquoise in color, radiating from your upper breastbone, you can facilitate the opening of this unique and essential chakra. For the millenium of peace to occur, we must all open our chakra of love for all.

"Loving people is a commitment to holding a high vision of them,
even as time and familiarity take their toll. When you feel strong
and in charge of your life, you can come from the heart. Assert
yourself with compassion."

-S. Roman, Living with Joy.

In order to love others with empathy and compassion, you must first love yourself that way. It is important to be able to be happy without other's approval. Only those who have learned to love themselves, who feel good about themselves, can approach the world in gentleness and humility. You do not need to be validated by others. Let them go their own way, and receive your sanction from your own inner being.

True power comes when you are able to move through the world confidently, serenely, and can allow others to do the same. Evolved people are always gentle, light souls. The challenge is to be light and loving when those around you are dense, resentful, and negative. Become a radiating source of light, hope, and balance to all those around you. Not by pretending you are someone else, but by being the real authentic you. By feeling empathy for the plight and growth needed in others, and allowing your Light to shine no matter what is going on around you.

"Compassion is the barometer of Grace."

-Micheal Talbot, Holographic Universe.

"Release in love each individual to his cosmic reality whenever or
whereever that may be. Give equally to all those who cross your path.
Love, as a way of being, seeing, and feeling - the merging of one's
presence of compassion is the key to eternal health -the wild card
in the karmic shuffle."

- M. Lady Young, Agartha

The work of our emotions is intended to be the development of benevolence, compassion, and grace in all of our endeavors. Our relationships and emotional growth will blossom when we extend ourselves in unconditional acceptance and understanding. You can significantly help others by blessing them,..sending them waves of loving, supportive energy. Try doing this to each person you meet, silently touch them with your loving light.

Be aware that each relationship you have, even the most cursory, is sacred. Every person that you lay your eyes on throughout your day, is a sacred part of your existence and reality. By being open and loving, you can learn to project your energy so that it energizes everyone, even yourself. Release others from your expectations, and be open to their highest evolution and growth.

When you think loving, compassionate thoughts and feel these qualities in your heart, you shift the quality of your consciousness, and raise your energy vibration. You surround yourself with high vibratory electro-magnetic energy which serves as a blessing to all around you.

"By choosing your thoughts and by selecting which emotional currents
you will release and reinforce, you determine the effects you will have
on others and the nature of your experiences.

G. Zukav, Seat of the Soul.

The spiritual body can heal the emotional body, but the mind can not. Your emotions and thoughts are indeed linked, but it takes your Spirit to heal both your mind and your heart. You can also help others to learn to heal themselves, by tuning into them with your empathy and compassion. If you send out this empathy in waves to others, it helps to rid you of any rigidity and prejudice, of thinking of others as stereotypes, and to really connect with all those around you, at a deep Soul level. If we all did this, our reality would indeed be profound.

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