Healing Yourself

Woodland Ritual - June Kaminski, May 1999.
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"The trick is to learn from Disease and see it as part of a Cycle,
and not simply as an Invasion. To Accept and Learn and
Grow, Not Reject, Withdraw, and Blame."

- P. Pearsall, "Super Immunity", p.230.


Our bodies, minds, emotions, and Spirit together form a united, self-regulating healing system. Our inner Self always attempts to maintain our bodies' balance and health, but many times our beliefs prevent it from keeping us in perfect health. Each symptom, whether mental or physical, is a clue to the resolution of the conflict or self-defeating belief behind it. If you have a physical symptom - feel its' reality within your body. Experience the emotions and beliefs that are reflected in it.

We condition our bodies to react in certain ways. What we think about our bodies, health, and illness affects the way our food is used and digested. Our very cells react as we EXPECT them to react. When we are able to tap the healing forces within us all, we can create miraculous results.

Working with the chakras helps the corresponding body part to become resilient and healthy. Clearing energy blockages in the body allows all cells to be continously bathed with vibrant, dynamic energy. Illness can not exist in such an environment.

Our bodies hold a lot of information. Every feeling, thought, and impulse - no matter how vague or subtle becomes registered in our neuro-muscular structure.


Write a biography about your body. Explore its' depths, discover its' strengths, ackowledge its' weaknesses, heal and release its' wounds.

Self - Interview yourself about what you really want your body and health to be.

We need to remove any accumulated rigidity from our bodies, allowing our tissues to return to their original fluid state. Start to look at your body as YOUR own creation - how does it express your Spirit? Observe how you block yourself from expressing your Spirit, and notice how this is reflected in your Body.

We can guide our bodies - every cell within it - to function at its' own maximum potential. By being focused and centered, becoming intimate with the Earth and with Nature, we can move through life gracefully and lead longer, healthier lives. As our Ego surrenders to trusting our Higher Selves, our Spirit penetrates every cell in our bodies. Our bodies become lighter, stronger, healthier, and more beautiful.


If you are suffering from illness - rest and focus on your body. Ask your body what the messages of your dis-ease or symptom are. Your body will always tell you what you need in order to heal yourself - you just need to listen carefully.

Complete healing depends on your ability to stop struggling - to accept your sympotms and learn from them. Our brain's inner pharmacy can help us to resolve any physical disorder. For instance, endorphins, our natural, inner "pain-killers" can be enhanced using relaxation and focused intent.

When you feel pain, tension, or physical symptoms, close your eyes and "go into" the sensation.

What is happening?

What images or feelings come up?

What color is the sensation?

What shape?

How are you blocking energy there?

How can you alter this pattern?

There is actually only one illness, and that is congestion or a block to the natural flow of life and energy in your body. Illness makes us realize that we have not been a full participant in our lives. The greatest influence on the body, is the level and kind of energy to which it is exposed.

We have the ability to find our own balance, to heal ourselves, to change our bodies. Our bodies need all kinds of nourishment to thrive - air, water, food, sunshine, touch, love, and understanding. As we release all blocks and patterns of mediocrity from our beings, we manifest a body of superb health, beauty, and grace.

Physically, your body is quite capable of complete regeneration - no matter what your age. Your body reacts to each thought that you have, to the state of your emotions, and your psychological climate. Every cell in your body is capable of responding to mental suggestions and emotions. Your body perfectly mirrors your subjective state at any given moment. Our bodies change with every thought and every breath. Your body is a symbol for what you are, and what you THINK you are.


You are here on this planet to use, enjoy, and express yourself through your body- to embody your Spirit in your own unique and personal way. Your Spirit forms your physical body in line with your conscious mind's beliefs and emotions. You can alter your physical form profoundly, through the conscious re-tailoring of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. You can combine belief, emotion, and imagination into a mental picture of how you want your body to look and be.

If you can sit quietly and realize that in each moment, your cells are replacing themselves constantly, you can begin to recognize your own innate healing power. 98 percent of your body's atoms are replaced annually! You have a whole different body than you had at this time one year ago! Think about that! The ultimate healer of any physical problem is within you right now. Tap into this profound power inside of you. We condition our bodies to react in certain ways. Choose to condition your body to respond vibrantly, rhythmically, and impeccably. Through study, learning, and practice, you can take command of the energy flow that constantly pulsates through every cell in your body. You can release every blockage, and allow your energy to flow powerfully.

Physical Blocks and Body Armor

As we move through life, we tend to accumulate body tensions and rigidity. Blocked emotions, negative thoughts, and limited beliefs settle in our bodies as stiffness, congestion, and constriction. When we become aware of these blocks, we are able to consciously work to release them. Some body areas may be so blocked, that a kind of body armor forms. This can occur in any part of the body. Each area of the body can tell a story of what kind of blockages we have formed. As we remove these blocks through creative expression and body work, our bodies reflect this transformation.

Common Body Blockage Areas, Meaning, and Therapy

Body Area Meaning Therapy
Pelvis Sexual Expression, Shame, Creativity, Instincts, Endurance, Control & Surrender. A dual need to control the self in the world and surrender to what "is". Seat of Vitality. Dance, to ethnic music with powerful rhythm, Sit on the Earth and feel your connection via Root chakra; create a Garden; Pelvic Rocking; Loving Intimacy with your partner.
Waist and Diaphragm Repressed Personal Power, Control of External Events, Temper, Rage, Lost Opportunities, Waste of Talent, Judgements, Resentment,

Seat of the Will.

Sing near Fire, Stomp your feet, Punch the Air, Extend your Luminous Fibers from your diaphragm to the world. Listen with your Solar Plexus- where all 72,000 subtle nerves join.
Belly and Abdomen Repression, Suppressed Emotions, Basic Needs, Gut reactions, Hunger, Unprocessed Memories, Holding in Feelings. Hanging out is what the belly does better than any other body part. Processes your intuition and emotions. Afraid to be yourself.

Seat of Emotions.

Sing near Water, Hum into your belly - releases anxiety, gathers energy, opens awareness, Keep abdomen relaxed and unguarded and supported by pelvic cavity. Forgive. Laugh.
Heart and Chest Rejection, Denial of Love or fear of being Lonely, Heartache, Heartless, Inspiration. Seat of Love. Sing with the Wind, Ask yourself, What inspires you? What turns you on? Express this. Reach out to others with unconditional love.
Throat Suffocation, Repressed expression of feelings, Denial of Beauty, Sexual Frustration, Repressed Creativity. Ongoing conflicts with others,

Issue about going through a "door" in life.

Sing while creating. Hum into the throat. Express yourself creatively. Sing with a partner or a group.
Eyes Being forced to look at things or not being allowed to see what's there. Pressured, Intellectual, Buying affection through achievement, needing to be #1, holding in painful perceptions. Sing to the Dark, the Void, the Night Sky at Dusk. Ask yourself: What are you afraid to see? What do you desire to see?
Arms and Legs Standing on your own two feet, grounded firmly with the Earth. Reaching out, your relationships. Need to touch. Dance, stretch, open your chakras in the soles of your feet, and palms of your hands, and let the energy flow. Feel your connection to the Earth. Walk softly on her ground, touch the beauty around you.
Back and Spine Holding back. Repressed Inspiration, Independence, Aggression, Lack of Spontaneity. Sexual energy, Putting up a good front. All of our "holding back" costs us our excellance. Guilt, fear or money problems (Lower back). Spine is our Central Pillar Stretch, do Yoga or Tai Chi, Create, release pent-up frustrations, align with your Purpose.
Head, neck, Face Social Control Tower, Losing our head. Neck - frustration or resistance to people or problems. Headaches - repressed anger or rage, tensions, worries. Lengthen the back of your neck. Put on a neutral face - loosen your mask. Smile for 4 - 10 seconds a day as much as possible.
Excess Weight Always waiting to be, do or have what you want. Express yourself directly, do what YOU want when YOU want to, take action on your feelings and intuition, Let your energy flow! What are you waiting to say, do, have, or become? How can you take action?
Joints and Bones Joints represent your relationships, Bones your Spirit. Express your feelings freely with your significant others. Work on healthy relations. Cultivate your Spirit. Connect to your Higher Self.
Skin Rashes: anger (red) or fright (white). Eczema: repressed rage and annoyance towards others or life. Express your feelings in positive and cathartic way. Get out in Nature. Let the wind kiss your skin.


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