Spring Solstice Sends Me Signals! - June Kaminski, May 20th 1999.
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"To be what we are,
and to become what
we're capable of becoming,
is the only end in life."

- Robert Louis Stevenson

Visualization is a controlled mode of thinking - applied, disciplined imagination. What we habitually visualize or image, is what we come to believe, and what we create in our lives. Effective visualization takes place when your brain is emitting alpha waves. Alpha waves naturally occur when you are in a state of relaxation. As you relax, your brain shifts from a beta state to produce alpha waves, associated with well-being, increased awareness, creativity, and openness to affirmations and positive suggestions.

There are three kinds of Visualization you can develop:

Receptive Visualization:

When you relax and just listen to your inner being and deep, inner voice. Streams of images may cross the screen of your mind's eyes, bringing you messages from your subconscious and Higher Self.

Programmed Visualization:

When you relax and "talk" or direct your inner self and subconscious to project a chosen image onto the screen of your mind's eye.

Guided Visualization:

When you relax and listen to a taped or spoken script, which leads you through a specific sequence of images and inner experiences.

One tried and true technique for creating effective visualizations is to image metaphoric symbols to represent what you desire to include in your imagery. For instance, you might "see" an Eagle to symbolize Wisdom and a wide perspective; or a Heart to symbolize Love; or a Battle to symbolize the conquering of Cancer cells by an active immune system "Army". You know, deep down within you, which images work best for you.

The metaphoric symbols in imagery are often coupled with short phrases called Affirmations. Affirmations are strong, positive, feeling-rich statements about situations and experiences you wish to draw into your life.
Affirmations consist of three basic elements:

1. Desire: You must truly want it.
2. Belief: You must believe it is possible for you.
3. Acceptance: You must be willing to accept that the situation will happen, and it will benefit you.

All three of these elements:
Desire & Belief & Acceptance add up to create your INTENTION.

You intend to create the situation described in your affirmation in your reality.

Affirmations are particularly effective at the end of your visualization sessions, to work like post-hypnotic suggestions. Since your brain works like a computer, giving yourself an affirmation to focus on repetitively, is like reprogramming your hard drive to run bug-free.

Guidelines for Creating Effective Affirmations

  1. Always use "I" statements to start off - this prompts your subconscious to take the statements personally.
  2. Always state the phrase positively.
  3. Stay in the present tense - "I am surrounded by love."
  4. Be definite, "I have more than I need."
  5. Word the Phrase as if it is a Given - as if your desired goal is an accomplished fact. "I am blessed with abundance," rather than "I will be abundant."
  6. Embellish, and be specific.

The two Keys in using Intention to achieve Manifestation of your Inner Vision and Goals are:

1. Creating Visual Images: which uses the Right Side of your Brain.
2. Affirmations: which uses the Left Side.

Imagine you are in your desired condition or situation,
and Tell yourself you are.

The alpha or hypnotic state amplifies the power of your imagery and your affirmations to produce your intended manifestation. If your images become real enough, they produce the same feelings and physical reactions as the actual objects or situations would if you were experiencing them in reality. Images are especially effective if they become multi-sensory - if you can not only "see" them, but also hear, taste, smell, and touch them. For instance, you can "feel" the wind gently blowing your hair, "hear" its gentle whisper, "smell" the fragrance from flowers growing nearby, and taste the saltiness from the sea, as you image yourself in a healing sanctuary in an idyllic setting.

Albert Einstein felt that the most important aspect of intellience was the ability to use imagery and the imagination. In fact, many great scientists, artists, mystics, and healers used the skill of visualization while in a receptive alpha state to "receive" pictures of inventions, great works of music and art, scientific insights, and so on.

The Time Has Come For You
To Conjure A Better Reality

To prepare your mind for visualization, the following four steps are helpful: Connect with your Intent; Deep Relaxation; Trust; Flowing.

  1. Connect with your Intent:

    Define what you really desire to manifest in your life. Make it crystal clear in your mind, then run it by your heart. Will this really make you happy, and harm no one else? If you answer "Yes!" then direct your Will to give energy to your Intent.

  2. Deep Relaxation:

    Find a quiet, restful place, free from distractions to retreat to for your visualization time. Quiet your body, emotions, and thoughts. Use deep breathing to relax and slip into an alpha state.

  3. Trust:

    Let yourself trust the process. Drop your worries and cares. Make room for new patterns, growth, and wholeness to thrive in your life.

  4. Flowing:

    As the process of letting go deepens, you will naturally feel yourself flowing with the universe around you. You will sense the phenomenal energy that continously surrounds you, which you may have never noticed before. Allow yourself to flow with this energy.

    Pharaoh's Posture:

    The Ideal Imagery Position

    Sit upright in a straight-backed chair with comfortable armrests.
    Hold your back naturally straight, with your forearms resting on the chair armrests, hands open, palms up, and feet flat on the floor. Do not let your hands and feet come in contact with any other part of your body.


    Breathe in deeply through your nose, then exhale for a longer time, through your mouth. Exhaling longer stimulates your vagus nerve which helps you to move into an alpha state of deep relaxation. Do two complete cycles, counting your first breath's exhalation as the beginning of the second breath. Breathe out-in-out-in, then out again, for a total of three exhales and two inhales. Then begin your visualization, breathing deeply but regularly, with a uniform in-out rhythm. Try to keep your focus on the process - on your Imagery and your Intention, don't worry about results.

    When we use visualization, an alchemical change of consciousness occurs, freeing our bodies and emotions to heal. When we take inner journeys, we rearrange our inner landscape. We learn to accept our past, to live our present, and to create our future.

    Below, you will find some sample visualization exercises. You may want to start with these, but the most potent visualizations are the ones you design yourself, using the images that speak to you. You may like to audiotape your visualization script, using your own voice. This has a profound effect on your subconscious.

    The Four Elements

    One excellent way to start to develop your capacity to visualize is to imagine the four major elements.
    "See" Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.
    Try to experience each with all of your five senses.
    When you can do this effectively, you can learn to visualize anything you choose.

    Receptive Visualization

    Sit comfortably in the Pharaoh's Posture. Close your eyes. Breath deeply and evenly, and relax your entire body. Now perform the vagus nerve breath by breathing out completely through the mouth, then breathing in deeply through the nose but for a shorter time than you took to exhale. Repeat the complete cycle once, then breath out deeply once more. Now just relax and resume your regular deep breathing.

    Sit quietly, and focus on your inner being. Don't try to "see" anything, just relax and be receptive to whatever images or messages come. As they appear, focus your attention lightly on them, but don't try to force them to stay on the screen of your mind's eye. Let them flow. Do tune into the symbolism though, and notice what meaning you get from them. What message do they convey? In time, you may come to have very real, clear, "technicolor" movie-like visions. These can be very delightful - who needs TV when you've got your own inner "movie screen"?

    In time, you may also receive spoken messages, that you hear in your mind. You may wish to have a portable tape recorder handy so you can describe what you are receiving in your imagery sessions.

    Whether taped or not, try to write down the highlights of what you've received when finished. If you do this in a journal, over time, you'll be amazed at the wonderful guidance and insights you've been given by your inner guides and Higher Self.

    Programmed Visualization

    You can use a multitude of images, for any issue or situation imaginable. Here are a few samples to try. For all examples, assume the Pharaoh Posture, and do the deep breathing as outlined above. Relax completely into an alpha brain wave state.

    Be Your Own Heroine

    See yourself as the heroine of your own life story. See yourself overcome all obstacles, enjoying the fruits of your heroic actions, full of power, courage, and joy. When done, record your adventure in your journal.

    Your Sacred Sanctuary

    See yourself in your own special place - somewhere you can go to in your mind to reflect, create, heal, and brainstorm. Often people choose a nature setting. The sanctuary itself could be a cabin in a deep forest; a cave full of crystals; a castle high on a mountain; a pyramid; a cosy library; or a sheltered garden - anywhere you feel safe, free, and content.

    Fill your sanctuary with furniture, tools, whatever you feel you need to perform your inner work. You can go to this place whenever you choose.

    Meeting Your Inner Guide

    Go to your sacred sanctuary and prepare to invite an imaginary person, animal, or being who can help you to solve problems, make decisions, answer questions, and talk things out with. This guide is the personification of your own inner wisdom, which can be accessed through your unconscious to receive messages and guidance.

    You might see a kindly, elderly wise woman; or an angel; or an animal that is sacred to you, and so on.

    Sit and simply "be" with this guide. In your mind, share your concerns and listen for their responses. These answers may come as words, images, physical sensations, or a quiet "knowing". You can go inward and spend time with your guide whenever you choose.

    Boost Your Sports Performance

    Compose Affirmations which confirm your athletic prowess, such as:
    "I move like a female panther," or
    "I am strong and flexible," or
    "My body radiates dynamic energy."

    Before performing, relax, and prepare yourself. See yourself in complete control and use slow motion imagery in your sports visualizations.

    See yourself move through each step of the sport, moving with confidence, precision, style, and grace. Also, include symbolic images as you "see" yourself perform. "See" yourself running like a graceful deer; or imagine yourself as strong as an ox; nimble as an otter; graceful as a swan; free as the wind, and so on. Then, perform your actual sport with abandon.

    Healing Visualizations

    See your body radiating with golden light. See each cell of your body singing and vibrating with this intense light. See your body as a shimmering mass of joyous, balanced energy. Nothing can impede this vibration - you are flowing and in total balance.

    Metaphors to Use for Healing Visualizations

    • Rebuilding a collapsed wall.
    • Putting a jigsaw puzzle together.
    • Knitting tissue with needles and yarn.
    • Cementing cells with SuperGlue.
    • Seeing new, healthy cells multiply.
    • Divine Healing energy as Golden Light.
    • Seeing the actual body areas mending, clearing, healing

    Metaphors to Use for Pain Relief

    • A vice loosening, then disintegrating.
    • Ropes untying.
    • Flames dying out from a cool wind.
    • Cool colors such as green, blue, violet replacing hot colors like red and orange.
    • A taut rubber band loosening.

    Try to visualize for ten to twenty minutes per session, working up to three times a day - early morning, late afternoon, and before bed.

    Visualizations for Specific Ailments

    Visualization can be used to enhance the treatment of any ailment. You can use it to:

    • Visualize the literal healing process, such as your cells rejuvenating, or infection clearing.
    • To reinforce the effectiveness of the treatment you are currently receiving, such as medications, herbs, physiotherapy, chiropractic work, radiation, and so on.
    • To create metaphorical images to represent what you are experiencing and how to reduce the effects of your symptoms. For instance if you have a fever, see your body cooling in a clear fresh-water lake.
    • To project the future, and "see" yourself whole and healed.

    Anger Remove the noose that is restricting you. See your heart beating regularly and calmly
    Anxiety See yourself become like the surface of a calm, crystal lake, reflecting the starry sky
    Arteriosclerosis See your blood become thin and clot-free, flowing easily though wide open, strong arteries, free of cholestrol plaques
    Arthritis See your arms or legs become like octopus tentacles. See them sinewy and modulating, stretching out at least a mile
    Cardiac Disease See your heart become a huge crystal. Clean all dark spots off it with a shower of golden light. See the crystal sparkle and glow
    Chronic Intestinal Problems See a mermaid travel through your intestines in a rhythmic motion. See her touch the affected areas, and heal them
    Depression See yourself swallow a rainbow, and sense the uplift this brings you
    Diabetes See yourself in the middle of nature. Feel the beauty and sweetness of life and of your own inner nature. See your insulin flow in a normal, regulated amount
    Eczema See your fingers become palm leaves and put them on the affected body area. Feel a flow of nourishing oil flow from them, healing the affected skin.
    Fracture See your bone marrow weaving together, forming a strong cemented union at the fracture site
    Gastrointestinal Problems See any ulcers shrink, your stomach and intestinal lining changing from angry red to a healthy greyish-pink. Turn off the acid tap
    General Illness See a bronze serpent wrapped around a pole held by a Holy person. Look into the serpent's eyes, and know that healing is taking place.
    Gout Turn off the uric acid valve. Feel yourself moving as nimbly as a deer
    Headaches See a silver band tightly fastened across the area of your head where the headache is felt. See it tighten around your skull, then quickly release, taking the pain and tension with it.
    Hemmorhoids See the hemmorhoids become puckered like an old string-handled purse, then shrivel and disappear leaving the area pink and smooth
    Hypertension See your blood vessels become larger in diameter, and your blood pressure reading register as normal, 120/60
    Infections See an army of white blood cells conquer the invading microbe in a mighty battle. Also see any treatment you're receiving, such as antiobiotics as ally troops
    Lung Disease See your bronchioles and lungs relaxed, elastic, and whole, filled with white healing light
    Premenstrual Syndrome See yourself lying on desert sand, covered up to your neck in it. Sense the sun soaking up all excess water from your body, bathing you in warm, comforting light.
    Tumors See a blue laser beaming into the tumor, making it shrivel and shrink. Then see a golden laser surgically excise the remainder of the growth. Then choose a color, and send that color of laser to the area where the tumor was growing, and see it cultivate the growth of normal healthy cells at that spot.

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