Fulfilling Interpersonal Relationships

"Ancient Spring Memories for my Dimitri and I."
-June Kaminski, March 1999.
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Relationships have become known as "the Yoga of the Western World", requiring focus, intent, allowing, and flow to successfully weather the series of adaptations necessary for two people to create a solid union. The pressures of the contemporary world further complicate the adjustments necessary for initial romances to blossom into long-term committed relationships.

What qualities are needed for a relationship to endure in the 21st Century? When the number of relationships that are dissolving surpass the number that are being forged - consideration of what helps and hinders is important.

Points to Consider:

1. What exactly are you looking for in a relationship?
2. What would your ideal partner be like? Not just physically, but what would their philosophy of life be? Their values? How would they express affection? What depth of spiritual development would they have?
3. How will you know when you've met your true Soul Mate?
4. What compromises would you be willing to make to amicably and joyously share your life with a partner?
5. What qualities of your life are sacred to you, thus non-negotiable?
6. How balanced are your emotions? Are your inner male and female qualities working in harmony?
7. What kind of relationship did you have with your opposite-sex parent? Does your memories and thoughts of this parent-child relationship affect your ability to relate to potential new partners? If so, how?

By knowing the answers to these questions, you can prepare yourself for the joy, the sharing, and the adjustments to successfully create an empowering, sacred relationship that will endure the test of time.

Having the freedom to be your natural self in a loving relationship is a gift beyond measure. In the early days of most relationships, being ‘wild and carefree" comes naturally, but as most unions mature, boundaries and expectations arise. Power struggles can emerge, control issues evolve, and an uncomfortable, restricted energy may develop. Most people find it is hard to control their partner and not take the spirit out of them and out of the partnership.

The easiest way to maintain the "honeymoon glow" in any relationship is to share your deep secret feelings and fantasies. If the two of you are truly suited to one another, space for such discussion will be allowed and indulged in. At first, you may feel some inhibition in revealing the deep recesses of your heart with your loved one, but with practice, it will feel joyously wonderful to do so.

Set up some private sessions with your partner, times to be alone together to express your hearts' longings, your pleasures, and your true nature.

1. Lie under the stars together and fantasize about all the adventurous, fun things you'd like to do as a couple - be outrageous!

2. During intimacy, let your partner know what is important for you to get in touch with your sensual, uninhibited side - touch, music, fragrance, setting, and so on.

3. Watch a sunset together, go for a stroll by the sea, have a romantic picnic in a private shady glen - and bare your soul.

4. Read an enchanting book together, taking turns to read out loud, while the listener rubs the reader's feet or back.

5. Write poetry for one another, or music.

Whatever you choose - make it fun, enriching, and pleasant for both of you - two wild hearts beating as one!

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