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Visions Gallery

One benefit of joining the Edinburgh International Internet Festival was the decidedly Scottish flavour. The Scottish culture is one dear to my heart, stemming from my own ancestory in the Weir Clan. Traced back to the 1200s, the Weir clan were a proud people, often involved with leadership, religion, and politics. My particular branch of the Clan has been traced back to Prince Eugene in France. The Scots are a mysterious, hardy, and intelligent people - artistic and creative and very connected to Nature.

For more information on the Weir clan, visit The Clan Weir


Scottish Links to Explore

BBC Online: Scotland Current Scottish affairs, news, events.
Celtic Knotwork Excellent Resource to make your own.
Edinburgh Castles Gorgeous photos of several!
Electric Scotland For Clan information and history.
GO - Festival! An overview of Edinburgh's many Festivals.
Rampant Scottish Directory Boasts over 6,000 Scottish website links.
Scottish History from Scotsweb Lots of info on Scottish heritage.
Scotland Holiday.Net Everything you need to know to tour Scotland!
Scottish Radiance A monthly Scottish journal & message board.
Scotland, the Movie An overview of locations in Scotland used in movies.
Skye's Scottish History Timeline Extensive timeline from 7,000 BC to 1997.
Virtual Gallery of the Muses An enchanting adventure through the world of the Muses.


Festival Director:

Paul Steele.
The Edinburgh Celtica Gallery.

Telephone: 0131 623 0275.

PO Box 17106 Edinburgh. Scotland.
EH11 2WD


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